Thursday, 14 June 2012

Off to new heights.

After the day off yesterday, which was really relaxing and nice (and oh so needed!), I'm now itching to get downstairs and full of sawdust again.

I could not resist to test for the height of the wheel and how it would turn yesterday, though, so I clamped it to the bookshelf and took a turn or three... and figured out that the axis height that I had intended was too low by about 12 cm. So the wheel is now off to new heights, so to say - I have adjusted the height in the plan... good thing that there was some room for adjustments left in all the pieces that I prepared until now.

So the next steps are: mounting the feet in the main board, mounting the wheel to the wheel stand, and then putting the wheel stand into the main board via mortise and tenon. Exciting prospects!

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