Tuesday, 19 June 2012

It's really summer here.

We have full-on summer here now, ripe strawberries, lots of sunshine, dry weather (the lawn has become Extra Crispy Summer Edition again) and heat, heat, heat. The season for iced coffee and icecream and hanging out in the garden in the evening and enjoying the sun.

Unloading the car yesterday was a quite, quite hot affair, so I am happy that I did not have to do the presentations in heat like that, but in a rainy night instead. And today's agenda mostly lets me stay in the comparatively cool indoors, where I shall endeavour to catch up with all the paperwork that has accumulated again... boring to do, but a good excuse to stay in the cool.

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Anonymous said...


Any chance you could send some of it westwards? It's still raining here in the UK. The good news though is that some of the hosepipe bans are being lifted...