Friday, 16 September 2011


A few years ago, when I was sharing office space with physicists (a long and wonderful story), there was a website up on the Internet under something like ""*.

When you went on that website, there was either a black window with a red "No" or a black window with a green "Yes" on it. That was it. Nothing more - and still we'd have a lot of fun checking if it was Friday yet.

Then, after a while, the site was no more. But after another while... there is a similar page now again.
Not as black as the first one... but just as delightfully simple, and nonsensical, and nice to look up for that Thank-God-It's-Friday moment. Provided it's Friday, of course.

So... is it Friday yet?

* I don't remember if it was org, or net, or whatever. And since that page is dead and gone, I do not care, and nor should you.

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Anonymous said...

In my last job, as soon as it became available my browser homepage was set to, which operates very similarly but even more simply. But examination of the source code is worthwhile :-)