Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Today's the last day!

Today is the last day of the registration period for the Textile Forum in Asparn an der Zaya - if you are planning to attend, please register!

We need the registrations to plan ahead for the Forum, and we still do not have enough participants. We would deeply regret not to have a Textile Forum this year, but at the moment, it does not look good.

Please visit our website www.textileforum.org and have a look if you are interested in working historical textile crafts. We do welcome both professionals and non-professionals, and the last two Forums have been a total blast and a wonderful experience for all participants. We've been offered a Sprang workshop, a dyeing demonstration or workshop, and it is the perfect opportunity to spend a few days working intensively with plant fibres - doesn't that sound tempting?

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A Life Long Scholar said...

Wah, I really, really wanted to attend a sprang workshop! But I can't register till I know if my visa is approved on time to come back, and I can't even apply for the visa till I get to Australia at the beginning of next month...