Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Leeds is creeping up.

It's amazing how time flies - the conference in Leeds which seemed so far in the future is now more like right around the corner. I'm not giving a paper, but I still have to prepare for this - packing (and figuring out what to pack before that), getting my conference gear together, choosing sessins that I want to attend, finding out what the exchange course is, all that stuff.

There are some things that I really like to bring to a conference:
  • working pens - that's a given, isn't it?
  • my conference book - so much neater than using a writing pad, and with the book, all my notes from conferences are in one place
  • something to read for relaxing in the evening
  • a usb stick
  • a camera
  • my computer - because there's heaps of stuff in there, and I might just want to show something to somebody
  • business cards (and maybe promo brochures)
I used to bring a laser pointer, too, since it can come in handy to have your own, but mine has somehow gone AWOL a good while ago.

Do you have a never-without-this-list for conferences?

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A Life Long Scholar said...

I always pack tasty, healthy, snacks--because one can't be certain that a conference will provide anything I am willing to eat, and being too hungry is a sure way to miss some of the information being provided, even when one is in the room.