Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New things!

It has taken ages and the development of a severely bad conscience on my side, but it's finally done and (almost) finished: The new webpages of are up and running.

Ah. Finally.

Of course there were a few glitches, and the very last pages are not yet online, but the bulk of the work is done, including burying my arms up to the elbows in the innards of .css-files (something I have never wanted to do), brushing up my html-skills to get things to behave properly, and learning how to install webshop software on a server.

Well, the very last thing is still a work in progress, so it will take a while longer before you will be able to browse a shining new online market stall, and I'm sorry for the further delay - but those things are never as easily done as said. Meanwhile, why don't you hop over to the shining new website (now also available in English) and tell me how you like it?

1 comment:

Panth said...

Lovely website. ^_^

Out of curiosity, do you have any other images of clothes that you have made, particularly late 14th Century stuff?