Monday, 10 January 2011


Even if I don't enjoy working up the backlog of mails that accumulated during the holidays and needs to be taken care of, I'm quite happy to be sitting at the computer today or doing other, not-too-exhausting stuff - we spent the weekend helping a friend paint his old apartment, including the ceilings, and that did mean some exertion on our part. Most of the rooms were not white when we started but in some (nice and textured) colour, which meant that we had to give them two coats of paint to make sure nothing shone through, and that gave us plenty to do for the two days.

It was kind of fun as well, though - especially the part when we all three together tackled the living room ceiling to get an even coat of pain on it and got all sprinkled with tiny white dots of paint. After this weekend, I'm also happy that we were able to give back our old apartment unrenovated when we moved out, since that would have also been quite a thing to paint.

So... nice, un-stressful, not-much-movement work for me today!

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