Wednesday, 12 January 2011

It's Linky Time again!

It's been a while (I think) since the last links-to-other-pages blog, so it is time for me to do it again, and I hope that you can find something interesting in this list...

Through my blog reading of other blogs, I stumbled across this one: My Textile Notes. It's the blog of an Indian textile engineer, giving a totally fascinating mix of modern industry-related and traditional crafts-oriented information to the reader. I will definitely keep this blog on my list!

Another interesting textile blog is The Textile Blog, a blog with an emphasis on textile design. It's not only medieval (though you can do a tag search for medieval stuff), but I find it nice to have a look at 19th and 20th century design now and then as well.

Just in case you are knitting colourwork and have problems with it and are not yet reading the Yarn Harlot's blog, hop over there for instructions for "Slightly Less Crappy Knitting". I really like this lady's style of putting things, and I especially appreciate her approach to knitting: Do whatever you (feel) like, there is no Knitting Police.

And if you ever wondered about depictions of the Seven Arts in medieval artwork, especially Grammar, you might want to take a look at this article from Marginalia.

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Machteld said...

Thanks for these links! I really like the textile blog :-)