Monday, 17 January 2011


Today is a nice day, since I am going to take today (at least half) off - I spent Thursday and half of Friday in a very constructive get-together about experimental archaeology, then hopped into the car for some ugly travelling to Vechta (there was rain and jam, which is not delightful in contrary to toast and jam), had a workshop there on Saturday and thus spent most of Sunday on the Autobahn, driving home again - so I'm probably due an easy day to relax.

The workshop was very nice and fun, and we managed to get through the very large programme that the participants had wished for - lots of theory and then practice stuff to top it off. I got to spend the night in the museum which has prison cells as part of the exhibition, so now I have also spent a night in an actual cell (thankfully nobody pushed home the bolts on the outside of the door while I was sleeping). And the most curious thing about the workshop for me? Of the six participants, five were... men! Hooray for men in the textile field!

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