Friday, 21 January 2011

I have new socks!

A few days ago, I have finally finished binding off and weaving in the ends of my new socks.

After knitting a pair of Skew socks one sock after the other (which brought a problem in size, since one was done with very different tension than the other) and modifying the pattern so it would fit my higher instep, I had decided to do another pair, and that time simultaneously. Only... with some more tweaking of the pattern since the original heel is not roomy enough for my foot.

So after some knitting, some re-thinking, some maths, some more maths and lo and behold! not a single rip-back, my new socks are now finished. The heel has become roomy and maybe a tad too baggy even (there's a little bit standing out where the heel graft starts), but they fit perfectly otherwise and are oh so comfy.

I think there might be more socks like that in my future - or at least socks with skewed toes, or with otherwise anatomically more correctly shaped toes than standard socks, since I find the fit thoroughly delightful!


Harma said...

Speaking of the devil. When I put my Skew socks on today, I thought about asking you how you changed the instep. I made mine according to pattern, since I have a low instep, but they are quite tight at the back of the heel.

Mine always remember me of last Forum since I made an international picture of them in Reia's room. Danish yarn, pattern from a Canadian magazine, English company and food from at least three other countries between our feet in the Italian room of someone from Alaska.

Anonymous said...

And now there's a Swedish connection! A globe-trotter is our Alaskan lass.

Socks look good... I know what you mean about the toes of standard socks not fitting quite right.


a stitch in time said...

Harma, I just stretched out the increases over a longer bit of the foot - instead of working to the 7 or so cm in front of the heel before starting the increases, I staggered them out from where my instep starts and just worked in more plain rows between all of them. That, however, won't give you more room at the heel - I guess that for this you would need to change the heel to graft more stitches together, or to make it a bit longer.
You can also find instructions on how to add a short row or two to give more heel room on the Skew inventor's blog:
Have fun!