Thursday, 27 May 2010

Yay, they are done!

It really is the same procedure every year: I dread doing my tax-related paperwork; I wait and procrastinate until I am slowly running out of time, always thinking that it wasn't as bad as I dreaded the year before (or the years before, nowadays).

And then, one day almost at the end of the period, I finally sit down with the tax programme and get started. And it really is not as dreadful as I feared, and usually goes rather quickly, and I try not to fuss about the details... and I am done after much shorter time than I feared I would be.

So every year after finishing the taxwork, I think to myself that it wasn't necessary to dread it so much - and that next year, I will just sit down and do it instead of procrastinating for so long... wonder if I'll manage that next year!

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