Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I get the feeling that it is finally, finally summer here: My early-summer hayfever has worn off, it is warm enough outside that you can ride a bicycle through town at half past nine wearing a t-shirt and not freeze to death, and I am tremendously enjoying to sit at my desk with the window open and fresh air coming in. (One of the neighbors is refurbishing with the windows open, so there's no glorious quiet to work in - but eh, I've stood on a building site often enough to more or less ignore that.)

Although yesterday was incredibly slow work-wise, my taxes are almost ready to hand in, and I do count that as progress. I have some proofreading for a colleague and friend on my desk too - and I'm actually rather looking forward to it today. So I guess that (and the rest of the taxes) are on the schedule for now...

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