Wednesday, 12 May 2010

It is Rhubarb season!

Each year in late spring/early summer, the time to eat rhubarb has finally come. I'm always looking forward to this time of year - I love rhubarb, especially as part of a cake with lots of other good stuff in it.
Since this wonderful "vegetable" is only in season until the middle of June, I am a little late for starting off the season - but then the early spring weather around here has not exactly been promoting lots of growth, and this shows.

So yesterday was partly set aside for eating rhubarb cake (with Streusel, of course) and for having a tiny celebration of the book and its first success moments - at the Uni where I wrote most of the thesis. And I'm having only a very moderate bad conscience about that, since a celebration and some thank-you cake for the people there were clearly very much in order, and I only have some very few photos of the experiment samples left to do anyways... which is what I will be doing now. To my very great relief, all the samples are in wonderful condition, nothing untoward has happened (no unexplainable falling out of their bags and mixing up samples and tags, no disappearing of things, no stealth moth invasion through several layers of plastic - yes, I did have weird nightmares about things like that) and thus I am very much looking forward to the analysis. I will be allowed to do the length measurements by myself, and after that we will have to look how much else I can do or if there are things that need to be done by professionals, and work out some good solution. All very exciting!

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Cathy Raymond said...

Enjoy! We grew rhubarb in our backyard garden when I was a child, and Mom made very tasty rhubarb pies from the rhubarb we harvested.