Monday, 29 March 2010

Time really flies...

On to another day at the tent - which really has to get finished one of these days, and there's still quite a bit to do. At least I have almost finished one of the long tunnels that will (hopefully) keep the fabric in the roof part more or less taut; I only have to close it with one 2,30 m whipstitch seam now. I have to do another test run for the waterproofing (also on the plan for today) to figure out the best ratio stuff:water when diluting the stuff to make it applicable. And there's one more short tunnel for the back horizontal bar to sew in, and then there's mostly only the sides, hems and the small stuff to do.  According to experience, though, the small stuff takes abnormally long (and always much longer than expected).

I wonder if that means that if I now adjust my expectations to a ridiculously short time for the finishing touches - will it go faster? Obviously there's no use in expecting a more realistic figure, since it will take longer anyways, right?

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