Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Perks of the Job!

I'm back from a wonderful and very fruitful weekend of planning for Textile Forum 2010 - and that weekend fully deserves to be titled a perk of the job.

We met with Johanna, the director of ArcheoParc Schnals, to have a good look at the premises, discuss planning details, have a look at the accommodation reserved for the Forum participants (real beds in en-suite rooms this time!), and meet some more people interested in the Forum idea.

So what can you expect? In case you have never been to Schnals in South Tyrol, let me give you the list.

A very nice museum with a unique concept, showing the connection between the alpine region and the lifestyle in this environment, with an intriguing architectural design?


An open-air area belonging to that same museum, with some outstanding house reconstructions that have no nails and screws in them?

 (If you don't have some experience with museum house reconstructions: There are usually compromises involved due to the requirements from modern building laws. Large compromises. Compromises including screws and bolts and modern nails and huge dimensions of beams and structures - things that do not mesh well with the old techniques. So no nails and screws is a very special thing indeed.)


Typical regional food that is amazingly, mouth-wateringly yummy? Like Schlutzkrapfen, Speckknödel and Vinschgauer Paarl with Brettlspeck, plus a huge variety of cheeses and wines that earn lots of praise? Food so wonderful that of course I was not even thinking of taking a photo, because I was busy with eating and enjoying?


(To make up for the lack of photos here, you can read this article from the Guardian. Or maybe you would like to prepare yourself for all the food of the region - go to this tourism site that also offers recipes!)

Lots of fun?


And last but surely not least, more breathtaking, amazing alpine scenery than you would be able to shake a spindle stick at?


Sounds good, eh?


Anonymous said...

It looks wonderfull. What a pity it is so far away. Last time I could only participate because it was almost in my backyard, but this time I'm not sure.
Wil the spinning experiment be continued?


a stitch in time said...

Well, we do hope that you can make it, even if it is not in your backyard!
The spinning experiment will not be continued this year; instead we are planning to have workshops held for the Forum participants, covering different techniques - and something experimental again next year.

A Life Long Scholar said...

It does sound wonderful, but I must confess that for me one of the best parts of the last one was sleeping on real sheepskins in an iron-age hut. I can sleep on a modern bed at home...

a stitch in time said...

I'm sorry that we must deprive you of the iron-age sleeping experience this time, but it is not possible in this museum - it just lacks the necessary facilities. That does not mean that there will never be the opportunity again, though! And I hope that the rest of the Forum was almost as good for you as the real sheepskins as bedding part ; )

Phiala said...

Alas, I don't think I'll be there this year. I'm hoping I can manage every other year, as long as it keeps going.

L'ara said...

Dear Katrin, I perfectly agree with the description you made of Senales, and can only add that in september the weather is lovely and the mountains green!
This time I will try and join the forum!
(and I am already divulging the event, of course)
It would be good to see you again there :)

a stitch in time said...

Phiala, I'm sorry to hear that, but of course you came the really, really long distance last year - and it is totally understandable that this is not a small trip that is no problem to take every year. We'll try our best to keep it going for some more years : )
L'ara, it would be wonderful to meet you there! Yes, we were told that September would be the time when all the larch trees turn golden, each day a little further along the shoulders of the mountains - that must be a breathtaking sight. And thanks for passing on the information!