Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Oh, do we have a video?

For the exhibition next month in Bad Staffelstein, we have planned to install a TV somewhere in the rooms and show some video snippets of textile techniques there - because if you've never seen a handspindle before, you can probably not imagine how it looks being used and how it works. So today is the day that we will make the video for the snippets - thank goodness for friends who are always helpful!

I'm planning to do spinning, netting, tablet weaving (showing some twill sequences) and a bit of fingerloop braiding. I hope we can get all this done, and I have to get buzzing now to prepare everything so it won't take too long to change technique.

And I still have to decide whether to wear modern or medieval clothing...


cari said...

I would be interested in seeing the videos -- have you thought about posting them online for those of us stuck in where-ever we are stuck in.

a stitch in time said...

Yes, I have thought about that, and I will keep it in mind - first, however, I will have to get all the data to my computer and then put in a cutting and editing stint. When I'm finished, I will hopefully have snippets giving a short impression of the textile techniques - so no how-to videos, but showing how things work (and in some cases, how slow going is).