Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Acquiring a product line

Parallel to all the other things going on work-wise, I'm using some of my time to build a product line for medieval textile fun. A product line, of course, centered on
a) things that have their use for medieval sewing, tailoring and other stitching and
b) things that are not readily available in gazillions of other stalls or internet shops for Living History. Well, the latter part should not be such a problem, since there are not so many offers for sewing stuff around. Ever noticed how sparsely stocked "sewing and needlework" sections are, compared to "weapons and armour"? Which also means that b) encompasses all those things that I've been searching unsuccessfully for years. Like handmade steel needles, in a size where you can actually use them - and for sewing, not as assassination tools. Like netting needles, formed after medieval finds and so smooth it is a joy to work with them. Like real gold thread in thicknesses that are truly medieval (which, by the way, is quite, quite fine - about 0,2 mm). Like fine smooth linen thread and extra-fine silk thread for sewing. Coloured fine wool and silk threads for stitching - sewing or embroidery - or fine weaving, coloured with natural dyes (that will still take a bit, though). Like heavily weighted sewing cushions ("Nähsteine") and good, firm pin-cushions, no modern techniques used in making them, of course. And proper, spindle-shaped spindles for your favourite stickless whorl. Small trinkets like needle-cases and thimbles that are seldom offered. Have I forgotten something?

And once I have all this... I'll see if I get rich or ruined trying to sell it.


Kruliczyca said...

Hey, what about bentwood boxes?
( )
You need a proper storage for all these goods, don't you?

a stitch in time said...

Yes, some storage would be fine... I'll put the bentwood boxes on the list with all the other stuff and see if I can find some nice ones.

Arachne said...

Whetstones for the needles! My needles go blunt all the time!

a stitch in time said...

Good point with the whetstones. I'll put them on for the hunt... and I'm already hunting for bentwood boxes, Kruliczyca.

Anonymous said...

I just wrote a blog about "Nähsteine", plombes in Dutch (from the french word plomb wich means lead) You can see some pictures of German and Dutch ones on my weblog and when you have questions, unfortunately for you, my texts are in Dutch, but you can always ask for some explanations. Searching for more about the subject on internet I found you ;)


a stitch in time said...

Marcella, thanks for your comment and link! I can read a bit of Dutch, and your article is really interesting - so plombes are a fairly recent thing, after your research? Or just those that sit on the table?