Thursday, 25 June 2009

Morning Routines

I seem to have slipped into a new routine - I'm taking care of the odds and ends first thing in the morning, like replying or sending off and e-mail and similar small tasks. Somehow, I find this pleasing - and I have the added benefit of starting the day with small, manageable things that give some satisfaction on completion. And that is really nice to have if the rest of the day is spent with long-term work.

The only downside I see at the moment is that the odds and ends might take a little longer than planned - like today, where I thought I had plenty of time to take care of this, that, and that, and still get to blogging before ten. Obviously, that has not happened. But as reconciliation, I can tell you that one of the mails this morning was in pursuit of nice, exciting textile tools to offer in the future!

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