Tuesday, 7 April 2015

What a nice start into the week.

The sun is shining, all rooms are freshly aired, there is hot tea on the table, along with a large stack of freshly-fired spindle whorls (that need to be entered into the shop system soon). Outside, flowers are blooming, and there is still some hoar frost on the grass in the shady spots, making a splendid contrast. The cat is outside enjoying the sunny weather, and in about half an hour, three ladies will stop by to get a private lesson in how to spin with a distaff, medieval-style.

All this makes for a lovely day, and thus a lovely start into the week. Plus it's a shorter-than-usual week, which does not take away from the loveliness! (Though with the wool festival at Backnang, it will turn out to have normal length for me, with Saturday being a full work day. Never mind that, though... I've been promised by very reliable folks that Backnang will be an immense amount of fun, and I'm really looking forward to it!)

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