Monday, 27 April 2015

More about the Hugo stuff.

The Hugo nomination ballot is still causing a lot of discussion - among many people. There's those that have a firm opinion in one way or another what should be done this specific time and maybe for the future; there's also a lot of thinking and pondering and suggesting going on about how the Hugos have changed over the years, and how they could be changed now to fit in with the times again.

If you're interested, Jim C. Hines is having a nice long post about choosing sides, with some links sprinkled in, and there is now a survey about the impact of the Hugo on non-US readers of the genre, here. Shaun Duke made that survey, and eventually the results will be written up and posted.

In case the Hugos are something that you never heard about and don't even want to hear about, you can always take a look at the Will of King John instead. Or in addition, if you like both old legal documents and modern genre award debates...

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