Monday, 20 April 2015


This was a very productive weekend - much more so than planned: we went to a demonstration against TTIP, strolled through a furniture store and tried to help a friend find a table for his living room, and - most importantly - we spent the sunny Sunday afternoon outside, renewing the waterproofing on our tent.

Said tent has been our home on medieval markets for more than ten years now, so it's understandable if the waterproofing is not as fresh as on day one anymore. Last year we noticed that there were a few parts where it was more moist than usual, and especially the door flap turned rather soggy in wet weather. Which meant... time to do something.

So we got ourselves two large brushes and a suitable waterproofing product and went to work, first painting the roof and then painting all the side panels with it. There was a lot of painting - but now it is standing outside in the sun, all dry and ready to be packed away for Freienfels (coming soon!).

The tent, lowered for good roof access. A definitive plus of a two-part central pole!
We are confident that it will be good for a nice long while now. And as an additional bonus... our getting it waterproofed in time for the start of the season might mean a dry festival, following Murphy's Law!

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