Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The fan is clean again!

Last week, I finally cleaned the fan in my laptop. The reason I finally did it was that during our hanging-out-with-friends over the New Year, I had brought my little computer, and it had stood out. Not due to being the only one, or the smallest, or the oldest - but it was, by far, the loudest.

So that morning back home, I heaved a big sigh, carried it over to the dinner table, took out the screwdrivers and braced for something nasty... all because of this song:

I love that song. It's hilarious. But it also made me expect a nightmare. I'm very happy to report now that my expectations were grossly mistaken, and it took me only eight screws, two q-tips, a small vacuum cleaner and about fifteen minutes (including getting the vacuum and putting it away again) to get the fan and, more importantly, the totally fluff-blocked fan grille squeaky clean again. It was just a single panel (five screws) and then the fan itself (three screws). Thanks Asus!

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