Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bookish stuff (or should I say "manuscriptish stuff"?)

Some of the links that accumulated here are concerning books or, I should better say, manuscripts. Such as these here:

Medical textbooks from the 16th century! The article is really, really worth a look if only for the multi-layered manikin picture.

Quill Books before Print gives you a nice overview about how books were made back when they were still manuscripts. Erik Kwakkel (who did the text for Quill) also has a very nice blog that is generally deliciously picture-heavy. One of my favourite posts there is the one about bad parchment used in manuscripts. (The pictures include embroidery.)

The Sojourning Spinner has collected directions to some of the most famous spinning pictures from manuscripts.

That's it for today. In non-manuscript news, I am busy with a... manuscript, but not a hand-written one. If things go well, I will have exciting news in the near future. (Keep your fingers crossed, please!)

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