Friday, 6 June 2014

Summer heat. And really old trousers.

It's getting hot here - summer is in full swing. Not yet so hot you get the feeling that your bones melt, but warm enough to take a morning walk without a sweater or jacket, and warm enough to break a sweat when dashing to the post office.

Which I just did - after waiting for ages for my computer to finish its updates so I could get at the data I needed for the postal dance. And then I missed the postie getting the packages from the office by about five minutes... I blame Windows and their weird updating methods.

On a different and more interesting note than my computer woes and the fact my brain is trying to get into summer relaxation mode (hey! not yet! still work to be done!), here's the currently oldest trouser find yet - from China and about 3000 years old. The article includes a link to the proper article about the trousers; it's behind a paywall, though.

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