Monday, 16 June 2014

Finally... the hat.

Here is, finally, the thing I've been working on, knitting-wise. I call it "Dread Pirate Roberts' Favourite Winter Hat", because, well, you know... pirates can have cold ears too.

There you go. A pirate hat. And here's a closeup of the Jolly Roger motif:

The hat is knit from the crown downwards, so there's no need for doing a gauge test. I recommend knitting with smaller needles than recommended on the ball bands, however, to get a fairly dense structure or else the Jolly Roger won't come out so well. Wool, for its blocking malleability, is also a firm recommendation.

There are quite a few special moves involved in knitting this, including an unusual decrease, some cabling, some creative stuff with elongated stitches, and the lace (yes, technically, it's a lace-esque structure) that makes the skull. Pirate knitters are known to be fearless, though, so it should not be a problem. Right, matey?

I will be writing up the pattern tomorrow - and then, then I will be looking for someone to test-knit it. If you'd like to do that, let me know in the comments or send me an email!


Anonymous said...

Holy Mother of God I want to be your test knitter!!! I LOVE that hat, and I'll buy the pattern even if I can't be a test knitter!

a stitch in time said...

tinfoilhatsociety, the contact form on your site does not work (at least for me) - will you send me an email to

a stitch in time said...
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