Friday, 31 January 2014

Winter, after all. And books.

It has finally cooled down far enough that we have some snow hanging out on the lawn and on the streets, and that the temperatures are more winter-like.

While I'm not so easily feeling cold when walking around outside, though, the cooler temperatures mean I get cold easier when sitting at my desk. Which, for me today, means warm socks and a warm sweater and nice, hot tea. And chocolate. Everybody knows that chocolate is a warming food, right?

Links, too. Links make one feel warmer. Possibly. (Though even if they don't, you will get some anyhow.)

Oxbow has a large amount of special offers on their webpage, including quite a few textile-related ones.

If you would rather test your (German language) knowledge of the medieval times, you can try yourself in this quiz from Uni Tübingen. (You're out after the third wrong answer.)

Also German: how to make a brush out of a goose feather, a bit of goat fur, and a wooden stick. Plenty of pictures, though, so you should be able to follow it even without knowing German.

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