Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Not more coherent, but this time there's links.

In spite of an early morning walk and coffee, I'm not feeling so much more coherent this morning than I was yesterday. The Project G, as I shall name it from now on, is a little bit delayed, through some unfortunate circumstances and not to the fault of my fabric suppliers. So I'm still waiting for part of the fabric to portion it out and send it off for the dyeing process. Meanwhile, I can take care of other things, though.

Such as reading. And sorting some stuff. And getting started on the undergarments (where I already have the fabrics, and said fabrics do not need dyeing). And planning things - it has been decided that I will go to LonCon together with some friends, and we're in the hot planning phase for this.

There's also an update on the next Textile Forum due - we have been sorting out possible focus topics, and have decided. There's only some few things to clarify before we can set out to finalise our planning for this stage. Whew. (Staying in one place definitely has its huge advantages for the planning and organising part!)

If you've read all this, you are probably due some links to keep you amused - here they are:
A long list of digitised manuscripts is here; the (very funny and fabulous) blog that posted the list also asks for your support with a nomination for a UK blog award.

For those of you interested in some of Scientology's history, you might want to watch this. (Consider watching it anyways, if you're not interested in the topic but like to see good storytelling - that guy really knows what he is doing, with all the bells and whistles on.)

Or maybe you'd like to read snark about stock pictures? Getty Critics, then.

Finally, for those of you doing yoga (or something else where you use a mat) - if you have ever wondered whether your mat has a name, this handy guide will tell you what it is. (Once you found out, tell your mat hello from Sergeant Magic Thing, who is hanging out rolled up in the next room.)

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Anonymous said...

No. I just don't think I can refer to my trusty mat as Master Sparkle Pants, no matter how amusing that would be to my husband. :)