Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Catching up.

I am settling back into a normal work rythm after the winter break, though with more incentive to settle in quickly and efficiently this time - I have a deliciously large project on my desk.

In addition and as usual, this time of year is also interesting in regards to finishing stuff (such as the bookkeeping and tax stuff) and preparing stuff (such as fixing event dates for the coming months, and preparing for the big taxes thingie).

Finally, there's catching up to do - some catching up on the news, some on emails, and some on - you guessed it - interesting (or possibly interesting) links. So here you go:

Doug has summed up the archaeology blog carnival responses for December. It's a long post, and I was thrilled to be in there almost at the top. (I read all the way through it, though - it is worth it.) I'll post my reply to the January question one of the next days - once I have managed to look at my blog stats a bit...

If you are in the US and thinking of getting started in a conservation career, here's a grant to help.

There's a new book out, called "Clothing the Clergy" - it does sound interesting, but I have not been able to check it out yet.

If you are a language freak or just plain interested in the relation between languages, here is the graphic for you - and the blog posting that might then also be worth a closer look.

In case you are more interested in typology, you can play the kerning game here.

And as a final link for today, even though we're far away from Easter still, here's a post about the bioarchaeology of crucifiction.

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