Thursday, 29 August 2013

Random list of things.

The summer is definitely coming to an end - there was fog lying all across the garden this morning, and temperatures are becoming sort of nippy. I hope we'll have a few more warm days, though, so that some more tomatoes can get edible.

The cat is sitting on her cat bed beside my desk and is busy washing herself. Once she'll finish, I know exactly what she is going to do: Nap. Until the afternoon. While I have to work. I think she does that on purpose.

Work, for today, includes checking my lists and packing up stuff for the Textile Forum. I can't believe that it's already starting next week!

Two days ago, I snuck into the workshop in the basement and spent something like a good one and a half hour there. The result? I made the weaving contraption that I lost the source for. It is not the most beautiful of thingies, but it does work, and nicely so - I am now hooked on bandweaving, and am finally making progress on that optimistic-length warp that I set up oh, ages ago. (I also found out about how important good alignment of the elements in the contraption is.)

There is a fun blog around with advice from old books, called Ask the Past. Go and enjoy - it's not all very long gone past advice, but all of it is interesting.

That's the random stuff for today...

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