Friday, 30 August 2013


From time to time, I mention that some things are so much easier to find these days than just a decade ago - thanks to the Internet. And there's more databases and info-portals springing up, such as these ones:

Arachne - meant to help make research easier, this project from Uni Köln mainly focuses on antique stuff. It includes a possibility to browse the Trajan pillar in detail, among much other stuff. The interface seems to be German only, though.

Then there's Europeana, a multi-language portal and searchable database of... stuff, from all over Europe. Searchable, though you might have to look through a lot of entries or miss some, and search terms can be in different languages. I'd say that is a space to watch, though.

And then there's DARIAH, with an even more high and noble aim: to interconnect all arts and humanities resources in Europe. It seems to still be in its building phase, though.

Maybe, one day, it will actually be possible to search all the picture databases in a collection such as my bookmark list? That would be a happy day...

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