Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wooliness abounds!

After several days of greyish weather, with plenty of rain too, yesterday was actually nice and sunny (at least for most of the day) - so I set out to get some wool washed. The dirty fibre in question? Walliser Schwarznase - a beautiful, relatively long-staple wool, white and with a pleasing curliness at the tips. The fibre is smooth and silky and yields a strong, shiny thread. In short: lovely stuff.

I had two fleeces, and there are actually shearers who still know what to do for shearing a fleece for the wool. Both fleeces were still hanging together so it was possible to roll them out, look them over, and sort the wool (which, in this case, was mostly removing the really dirty and the few quite felted bits) before washing.

I also used the occasion to fluff up and re-pack some of the lovely Rhönschaf-Wolle. Now I'm richer in clean fleece - and I will soon be able to offer the Walliser Schwarznase in my little shop as well. Yay!

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