Friday, 31 May 2013

I am not a fish!

It's raining hereabouts, again. And while the willows in the garden do not mind (they like water and can't have too much), I think the other plants will soon develop fish scales. As will we! This is not a good spring, weather-wise.

After having the winter with the least sunshine for the last, oh, 40 or so years, spring was very late in coming, with snow into the month of March. Then, slowly, it got warmer and stuff started to grow. About a month late, but hey, at least there was green, and flowers. Both March and April were really dry, though - and now it's the end of May, and the month seems to try and get caught up on all the rain that was missing in the last two months.

So the last days (and it feels like weeks), we had a lot of rain. And, with the late start into spring, and the slightly-colder-and-a-lot-wetter-than-usual May, the tomatoes and chili and zucchini plants I put outside are just as small (but wetter-looking) than when I put them outside. Maybe also due to the fact that we're behind on sunshine hours...

At least the weather prognosis says it's going to be a bit better next week (after the weekend, mind you, when there will be... even more rain). And our garden is not looking like the sports playing field shown in this article! Hopefully the summer will not be as yucky and wet as this month was, though. I've had enough grey skies and rainy days for a while...

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