Friday, 10 May 2013


Crafting is a thing very dear to me (as you all probably know) - and I am undecided whether an appreciation for crafts is coming back or not. Here, in any case, is a link to a BBC programme where they had unskilled newbies go into training with a craftsperson to learn the trade - in this case: weaving.

It's the first of the four parts that make up the whole episode, but the other three are also out on the Ytube, so you can enjoy all of them. And in case you want to know more about the backgrounds, here is what the BBC writes about this episode.

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Anonymous said...

What I found interesting about this programme in comparison to the others was the candidates themselves:

One was extremely academically bright, so could come up with new ideas to build on an already strong foundation.

One didn't appreciate at the start the need for perfection and had to learn this appreciation.

One was exceptionally bright and had bipolar disorder, which meant that through their life experience and as a side effect of the condition they were not restricted by subconscious conventional boundaries that the other two would be subject to.

It was fascinating to see not only the ideas they came up with, but also to read up on how they've developed since the programme.