Monday, 8 April 2013

More archaeology stuff.

There's a book out about experimental archaeology, titled "Experimentation and Interpretation, The Use of Experimental Archaeology in the Study of the Past", edited by Dana C. E. Millson. If you are interested in more details, there's a freely accessible review of the book on the EuroREA webpages. It does sound like an interesting volume to me.

Speaking of online journals, there is one called "Living Past". The editorial project that this (peer-reviewed, open-access) journal is part of also hosts a dissertation database and "Traces in Time", an ejournal focusing on prehistory and protohistory. The whole thing is an international programme initiated by an Italian group, so many of the dissertations are Italian (English Summaries are available, though).

Finally, there's a new archaeology blog called Can you dig it? Owner of the blog is Maney Publishing, and it's intended to host posts about books, exhibitions, conferences, and other archaeologically relevant topics, written by a number of contributors.

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