Monday, 22 April 2013

Home, sweet home.

Due to my internet access not going as planned, combined with a little forgetfulness, you are now getting a very, very late blog post for today.

I am back from the IRM where I spent the weekend together with Sabine, and though I can't say exactly why, it was really, utterly exhausting. Some of that might be due to the lack of oxygen in the rooms (as is often the case, you get the choice between freezing but fresh air and being warm and cozy, but having bad air). Some of it might also be due to a few weird encounters that left me standing there and wondering what that was about (or why).

In any case, I'm really glad to be back home and enjoy a quiet day tomorrow before we start the preparations for the next event - Freienfels.


Anonymous said...

Hi there =)
I hope that we weren't one of said strange encounters! (The couple that asked about the spindle wheel - my boyfriend wanted to build one ;)

a stitch in time said...

Hi Alfiriel, you weren't a strange encounter - chatting with you about the spindle wheel was very nice and enjoyable.
It was hopeless to set it up in Freienfels, by the way - much too much rain and instable weather. Plus very uneven ground under our tarp, where it would have been protected from the weather... thus, the wheel spent the week in the car.