Thursday, 11 April 2013

Life hacks.

Life hacks are little things that make life easier - and the best ones make you go "duh, why did I never think of that" and then use that little thing and wonder how you ever managed without it.

And from time to time, lists with life hacks pop up on the internet - such as this one. Some of those I already knew (and use), some of them are quite American, and quite a few just do not apply to me because I do not have the need (I can separate eggs like a boss, without a squeezy bottle.) But they are fun to look at nevertheless, I think.

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Cathy Raymond said...

I've done #28 for years, and I've used #30 as well. Some of the rest I've seen before but they do not appeal/apply to me either. But there's quite a few I must try (I especially like the "use a clothespin to hold the nail while hammering" trick). Thanks for posting this!