Thursday, 20 December 2012

The time has come...

... to slide into the festive season!

And then, the year's end will be fast approaching, and with it the new year, and with that the January conference in Cardiff, so the first days of next year, I will be quite busy getting my paper into its final shape, and packing my bags.

Which means that I will now go on blog pause for the last days of the year, as usual - but this time, the blog pause will be a bit longer due to the conference and include a healthy chunk of January. Regular blogging will resume on January 16.

I wish you all a good festive season with lots of nice food, lovely people and a pleasant warm feeling in your heart, a wonderful New Year's Eve and a happy and healthy start into the year 2013. I'm looking forward to see what next year will bring us!

See you on the flip side!


Harma said...

I wish you all the best for the comming festive season and a lot of fun in the coming month (at the least)!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your paper and the one you collaborated on. thank you for sharing with us. In answer to your question "how heavy is my lead spindle whorl?" 80g