Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Free content (top articles) at Maney!

While Maney sells its journals and journal issues at prohibitively high prices for a mere mortal such as I, they do hand out open access stuff now and then - very nice! Apart from them having a "Journal of the Month" with lots of free access to back issues of said journals, there's an occasional extra free access thingie.

Such as the one I got an email about today - some of the top articles for a stack of archaeology or archaeology-related journals are available for free online. And since there is no info page for the offer on Maney's websites (at least not where I could find them), here's the relevant bit of the email copied for you, with a little table-tweaking so it all fits onto the page:

Click on the images below to view a selection of the journal's best content and download any articles highlighted in green. Be sure to close the lightbox on each journal page before clicking on the next journal link!

Arms & Armour Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites
English Heritage Historical Review Environmental Archaeology

Journal of Conflict Archaeology
European Journal of Archaeology The Historic Environment: Policy & Practice
Industrial Archaeology Review Journal of Conflict

Journal of Field Archaeology Journal of the British Archaeological Association
Levant Medieval Archaeology

Palestine Exploration Quarterly Post-Medieval Archaeology
Public Archaeology Studies in Conservation
Tel Aviv Terrae Incognitae
Vernacular Architecture Yorkshire Archaeological Journal
Have fun!

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