Thursday, 6 December 2012

Can I have a Bag of Holding, please?

I have managed to enter a few more of my books into my book database yesterday, and now I have the reordering problem - the bookshelf is, technically, full. If I am taking out individual books from here and there, then re-order them into the new order in some other bit of the shelf, said last other bit is not spacious enough because the gaps in the size of the books are somewhere else.

So what I would really love to have now is a magic extra shelf in some magic box or something that is bigger on the inside and can hold all the newly ordered books until my shelf is all cleared out and I can put them back in.

Bonus points for automatic shelving in order if I just toss in the book.

Apart from that, it's getting more and more wintery here, and the festive season is starting properly now - there will be the first pre-Xmas-dinner tonight. And cookie baking has started, with the first two batches already finished and the dough for the next one waiting in the fridge.


Fanny said...

Lol, now this is something I can relate to! :P

Phiala said...

I'm waiting for RFID tags to become cheap enough that I can tag and index all my books. Then shelving order is irrelevant: I can just find them whenever I need a particular volume.

Not quite there, but probably soon.