Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tea. Winter.

I'm taking it a little more easy today, since yesterday was a day of very, very intense work. It has snowed a tiny bit overnight, but it's all gone again already, and now it's only raining - perfect weather for tea and cookies and a slow day.

I have nice links for you, however:

a science article about 30 000 year old flax fibres (h/t Cathy Raymond);

the Geese Book, a late 15th/early 16th century choir book from very near I am living has been in the US for a long time and is now available as a digital book (website both German and English);

TechKnitter is analysing the kitchener stitch in her usual meticulous and well-illustrated way;

I have stumbled (again, probably) across Phiala's list of online databases with textiles;

and finally, an article from Nature about nettle as bronze age fibre plant is online.


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Cathy Raymond said...

I'm glad you found the flax thread article interesting.