Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Amazing. Really.

It is a very, really, utterly amazing thing how much work can go into a single book. There's this project I'm working on? Together with a friend half-way around the globe? We've spent oodles of hours, both, on the computer and chatting over how to fix this or handle that and on ourselves thinking and writing and editing and checking and noting.

And now we are nearing a stage where we can take a first look at what the thing has become. It has certainly changed a whole, huge lot from what it was (both in writing and conceptually) when we started. There's still a good bit of work to do, but things are getting clearer.

That's amazing. And a tiny bit scary - nearing a new stage.

Oh, on today's agenda, by the way (among a few other things): more work on that project. Which I will now be off to...

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