Thursday, 8 November 2012

German Art Recipes. In the Internet.

While conversing with a friend about something completely (well, not completely - slightly) different, she pointed me to a database with the full, rather unwieldy name of "Datenbank mittelalterlicher und frühneuzeitlicher kunsttechnologischer Rezepte in handschriftlicher Überlieferung".  

If you can read German, that title tells you all you need to know. It's a recipe database for hand-written, medieval and early modern recipes for art supplies. (In German - sorry for those of you who don't read it). Most recipes are not only transcribed, but also translated, and there are search masks to hunt for specific ingredients or techniques - such as textile-related techniques. This is an ongoing work by Dr. Doris Oltrogge of the FH Cologne, and it's a brilliant idea.

Recipe database! Hooray!

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