Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Textile Forum.

In case you are reading this and did not yet know, the Call for Papers for the Textileforum in September is still open - so if you would like to participate at the Forum with a paper or poster presentation, please register on our registration page. (I hope I managed to fix the bug with the UK postcodes - it was only accepting figures and no letters.)

The Textile Forum this year will have the focus topic "Metal in Textile Crafts", but any other topic is very welcome as well. It will take place in Germany, and we can offer the whole week including full board for only 300 €. This means you can have all meals together with your colleagues and will not have to think about where to get fed. We also can offer simple lodging included in that fee for the first dozen or so people who register - so don't wait too long!
In addition to being an event where crafters working in historical techniques can get together with one another and exchange tips, tricks - and questions, the Forum is always a boatload of fun and a perfect way to meet and get to know others who are working in the field of historical textile crafts. We are open to everyone with an interest in the crafty aspects of textile works, be they living history folks, conservators, professional textile workers, archaeologists, or hobby spinners - as long as you are interested in the crafts part of these techniques and in how things are (or can be) actually done, the Forum is for you. Don't miss this opportunity!

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