Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring is coming!

There has been no more snow for quite a few days, and it was quite warm - at least compared to when it was really cold this winter, since we had temperatures of down to -18° C then.

Now it's much balmier, with a little bit of sunshine and positive degrees of temperature for most of the time. The snowdrops are in bloom, and the first three crocuses are also flowering already. A few of the tulips had already started to push out a leaf or two back in November, and those leaves are now a good bit frost-bitten, but the rest of the tulips are only starting to push through now - and it seems that my parting of the bulbclusters and replanting them as individuals last autumn paid off, at least I can now see gazillions of tulip tips everywhere.

All this means it's time to tidy up the garden and fix a few things there. Which is going to make a welcome opportunity for good-weather breaks during the next days - I have a presentation to prepare, one article to fix and expand, and one article to write, so escaping to the outdoors for a little time (because that sprawl of thyme in the flowerbeds has to be thrown out!) is really nice.

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