Thursday, 12 January 2012

Things that may have gotten lost before the holidays.

I gathered yesterday that launching the call for papers for the Textile Forum shortly before Xmas season may have led to this going under - with all the other seasonal things to take care of and the end-of-year frenzy of work.

So here it is, again:
We will be having the next European Textile Forum in Mayen, Germany, with the kind support of the RGZM. Our focus topic will be "Metal in Textile Crafts", which we think is a very exciting and very interesting - and also very broad - topic, covering everything from the conservation processes of archaeological textiles by metallising via the use of metals in the embellishment of textiles or the use of metals in the mordanting and dyeing process to the manufacture, importance and use of metal in textile tools.
The Forum will take place September 10 to 16 in the brand-new Laboratory for Experimental Archaeology and will include the usual evening lectures, one extra lecture day, an archaeological experiment to find out about the possible influence of the lead dye pots from Pompeji dye workshops on the resulting colours, and of course plenty of time to work on projects and exchange knowledge, tips and tricks or complain about problems to colleagues. The full conference fee of 300 Euro covers full board and lodging in simple dorm rooms (lodging is of limited availability).

If you are interested, you can find out more via our website - there you can also register for the Forum. And if you are not interested, but know someone who might be - please spread the word!


Elisheva said...

Thank you for this post. The information had indeed gotten lost at least in my case.

I hope to be able to come to the forum. It sounds really interestig in every aspect.


Mona said...

oh, oh. I did some experimentation with tinning my copper dyeing pot and my reds were so nice! I am starting to wonder of those big riveted copper cauldrons were tinned for red dyeing

Lead could be interesting... I wanna live in Europe!