Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Image Tweaking.

It really is amazing how much time a single small macro can gobble up.

Especially if, when you are almost through, you decide that the process might be even better suited to the aims if done a little differently. Because it does make a difference whether you run a median filter first, or whether you filter out outliers first, or make a transformation to binary first and run filters later on.

Anyways, I now have a method to turn a scan of thread samples like this:

into this:

and then read out the thread thickness of every single one of these threads.

Now I only need to wrangle the gazillions of datapoints into something resembling histograms or some other form of legible visualisation. And be amazed again at how much time a single little spinning experiment can eat.


Karen said...

I am so amazed and greatful for the amount of work you are doing to analyze all that thread and draw conclusions. Thank you!

sharonwue said...

You mean there wasn't an app for that?