Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Oh Grace.

My computer has now successfully turned into a schizophreniac computer - it can run Windows and emulate UNIX too.
Now I only need to get xmgrace running properly (there are still some issues with my data import), and I can finally get those graphs with Gauss fits that I need for finishing my evaluation, and thus my article, and thus my preparation for the next paper (I will speak at the 3000 years of colour conference).

It's probably best that I have no clue at all anymore as to how much time I have invested in the spinning experiment. When I started out with this, I did not believe this would become such a huge item in my life. (I know what I would do if I had to decide again whether to do it or not, knowing how much would come after it. I would say... YES.)

So... please excuse me while I reboot my computer and try to find out where the issue is... and then hopefully finally get those histograms.

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