Thursday, 19 May 2011

It's still crazy round here.

The past days have been really, utterly crazy, with deadlines coming up so close to each other they might as well play leapfrog to amuse themselves. It has been so crazy that the most patient of all husbands invented a new name for a weekday: Drölftag.

Drölftag happens when you skip at least one weekend because you have to work and thus lose all track of what weekday it is today - since your inner long-term clock has taken the week off in protest. Drölf is, by the way, the first part of "drölfernolzig", and that is an expression meaning something like "umpteen". Monday was a true Drölftag, and now it's almost Friday, and I'm really, utterly looking forward to the breather that the weekend will be, since I will then actually have two full days off. But today, I'm hunting one last deadline (a small paper due tomorrow morning at a small birthday-for-a-prof conference).

Now... where's that net? The bear trap? The infrared motion sensor? I have a deadline to hunt - and these buggers can be fast...

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