Friday, 20 May 2011

Chaser Conference.

I'm at a (very) small conference today, my paper is the second one in the morning, and yes, I did finish its preparation in time.

And I finally figured out what made it so weird in preparation... it's mostly NESAT's fault. Because, when you come back from a place where you have been for a week and where somebody says "2/2 twill", everybody nods and goes "ok", or where you say "that sock from Coppergate", and the room goes "ah, that sock" - it is kind of hard to not feel weird when you prepare to explain in a paper how a hand-spindle works.
Plus I've only gone to international conferences during the last few years, and of course I did my papers in English - and today's little thing will be in German, and that also feels kind of weird.

I'm packing up now to head for the conference, and I'm trying to not feel weird.


Fanny said...

Have fun! =)

Harma Piening said...

I sometimes really have to search for the correct Dutch word for something fiber-related. Switching back can be confusing. Have fun anyway.

Anonymous said...

I yearn for the day when I can give a paper in which I don't first have to explain where my area is and how it got the way it was when I study it. But for one or two things I've written I've been told to leave out the background and it feels like the writing equivalent of going out half-dressed, it really does.