Friday, 27 August 2010

Rainy again.

Those past two weeks, we've had a lot of rain - and after a quite nice day with rain only in the evening, today's gone back to rain starting in the morning. Hey weather! That's not very summery!

In other news... there are not much other news. Yesterday's errand-running was quite successful, and now I finally have the correct version of my PhD diploma (there was a tiny error in phrasing which meant that it had to be re-done), and we bought some other things and stuff that was more or less necessary.

And now it's nose back to the grindstone, fingers back to the keyboard, and eyes back onto the spinning angle measuring stuff. Magnifying glass, here I come!

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Harma said...

To boost your moral: We often watch this weather website: All kind of weatherstations drop there data in this system. I checked for Senales and the surrounding territory. Senales only has data from this year, but some other places in the vincinity have data from previous years and the first week of september has often been dry, with daytime temperatures of around 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. So, not that bad. Let's hope this seasons rain is falling now and not in september. By the way, I do hope we can have a campfire, like last year. Think of that instead of the rain.